Still Game


Revenant were awarded the commission for the remake of BBC Scotland’s hit sitcom, Still Game’s title sequence. The brief was to respectfully recreate the titles of the beloved show. We proposed a balance: to keep it largely reminiscent of the old titles but to introduce new elements that would modernise it.

Shrewdly, we assessed that the core audience would find it jarring if there were too drastic a change and may not relate to the titles they know and love from before. It’s impossible to appease all viewers, however, we have been emboldened by the positive reactions we have come across regarding our work on this.

We achieved the aesthetic early on by storyboarding the transitions between Jack and Victor as they grow through the decades. We suggested that the two characters should interact between each morph as a catalyst for the transition. Playdead directed the shoot in order to best capture what we would need for the scene transitions. Once in post production, we were able to morph character and background seamlessly, however this was too seamless – the transitions flowed into one another too quickly, like a fade, so we decided to slow the speed of the transition so that the morph was more noticeable.

The mise-en-scene depicts certain eras – we spent an age researching styles and examples of décor that were used throughout the decades, adding to the richness of the title sequence. Each element was created bespoke for the title sequence: all wallpapers were meticulously designed and crafted (using Illustrator), the ornaments, fireplace and lighting were also added in post production – these elements combined help place the scene in time and location while the additional lighting gives more depth to the sequence.