Métiers d’Art Graffiti & Spiral Watches


We were commissioned by Graff Diamonds of Mayfair, London to create a series of bespoke animations to launch both the Metiers d’Art Graffiti range, and the new line of Spiral watches. Drawing upon the unique design features of each range, we produced two highly elegant and distinct commercial campaigns for online and publication.

For the Metiers d’Art Graffiti campaign, we took elements from the watch face itself; a collection of hand-painted manga-style characters and icons in 10 unique hues that we would blow up in 3D and positioned looming over the watches, creating a larger-than-life representation. 

We carefully built the white photography studio which the animations are situated in, making sure the lighting is placed perfectly above the watch and accompanying objects. This allows them to cast subtle shadows as they loom large over the watch. We then applied a hand-painted texture to the objects, making them appear tactile and glossy, especially in close up frames.

With this treatment and composition, the watch range feels fun, vibrant and a little psychedelic. The videos and images have been used widely across Graff’s social media, website and seasonal magazines, reaching a global audience and gaining a lot of attention, and was also a main feature in-store, especially in Tokyo where these watches were mainly marketed. 

The Spiral brief required photorealistic representations of the watches to showcase the level of detail and intricacy in the strap and the diamonds used in each watch face.

Once again we housed the product in a studio setting, set against a pearlescent white silk background and using a range of lights. By utilising the natural behaviour of ribbons to conceal and reveal each watch, we draw parallels between the ribbons and the straps, allowing the glossy materials to reflect the added lights and creating a vivid representation of how the watches really look and feel. The result is an elegant and understated animation that entices the viewer into imagining how it feels to wear these beautiful watches.