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Luxembourg For Finance

Revenant was commissioned by Luxembourg For Finance to create a series of 2 minute films which would be used across the globe to promote Luxembourg as an innovative, financially secure and green country. Each film follows a similar style and technique: they all start at the beginning of the day and flow with one smooth camera move until the last scene – the end of the day.

The first film was deliberately designed with lush and vivid colours to break away from the regular, more reserved corporate film mould. We decided these films should stand out and grab the attention of potential investors around the world and to position Luxembourg as an exciting world leader in modern industries.

With these two films in the series our brief was to illustrate exactly what Luxembourg’s booming economy is providing to the world. This film aims to communicate the idea that there is a little piece of Luxembourg everywhere, from city skylines to cars and even in space. A Little Piece of Luxembourg Everywhere won a Royal Television Society Award for Best Short Form Content.

The purpose of this film is to express the exceptional efforts made by Luxembourg For Finance to put climate change at the heart of economics. With many corporate videos, text and imagery is the main vehicle of relaying information. Instead, we chose to build a 3D world and showcase the real-life global impact of just a few smart investments.