High Yield Bond

Baillie Gifford

We were commissioned with the exciting opportunity to direct, produce and create an engaging promotional film for investment management company Baillie Gifford.

Our concept follows the idea of predetermined resilience within the setting of a marble run. Our protagonist, a durable and experienced marble, smartly navigates the pitfalls of a grueling and perilous landscape. Unlike it’s naive and superficial competitors, our protagonist is wise, tough, agile and experienced enough to win the race, unscathed and triumphant.

Light and shadow are a large component of the overall visual scope, as they help express the concept of time. By setting the film within an indeterminate space with long shadows and dappled lighting, we convey the history, experience and timelessness of Baillie Gifford. They combine experience with progressive ambition, ensuring Baillie Gifford will always be an influential and successful centrepiece of the ever-changing financial landscape.