Digital Competence Framework


Revenant were commissioned by the BBC Wales initiative as part of their new learning curriculum: Digital Competence Framework. The delivery was a series of short educational films for 11–14-year-old pupils, spanning 11 episodes. The aim was to teach the dynamics of working with digital formats, platforms and how they should consider how they represent themselves online and to different groups.

Directing the content, we created ‘No.67’, an artificially intelligent robot, who acts like a supportive life-advisor, guiding their student friends to use the correct and most effective organisational methods.

In the run up to the release of the films, we produced a short trailer to introduce our AI friend called ‘Astra Dance’. This was approached as a passion project, to coincide with the final delivery of the films.

No.67 is a fully customisable robot that can browse the internet, face-chat and share messages. It can also project onto walls, surfaces, as well as virtual floating holograms. It has two hands with six fingers, hovers in mid-air using jet propelled fans and has a digitally interactive LED screen for a face. No.67 is programmed to be fully self aware, with the goal to educate its master.