[Studio Content]

At the beginning of 2018 we created a looping animation that was simple and experimental. With the positive reaction it received from people we showed it to, it triggered the start of a series, each tying in with one another to form the final, comprehensive film: Cubela.

We were keen to embark on a project that would allow us to unleash our creative heads. The dynamics of the animation play with gravity, space and a simple soft body cube that takes the viewer on a weird and obscure journey. Style and pace was carefully considered to keep viewers engaged, not knowing what’ll happen next on the cube’s path. It also plays with scale and colour, like a form of art, going off-world and back again.

The feedback was ‘mesmerising’, ‘abstract’, ‘playful’ and ‘oddly satisfying’. The project has allowed us to interact with the global animation community and has influenced collaboration that not only inspires but communicates messages and starts conversations.