BRC Imagination Arts

Revenant collaborated with studio Eyebolls to create an immersive 9 minute audio-visual experience for the Cardhu visitor centre. This striking triptych reveals the inspiring true tale of Helen and Elizabeth Cumming, the women who established and ran the whisky distillery in the 19th century.

The overall look and feel of this celebratory experience is one of strength and passion. Bold, silhouetted character design couples a bright and exciting colour palette, captivating the audience and conveying a triumphant truth of sacrifice, determination, ingenuity and success. Wherever possible, the overarching colour-script reflects the unmistakable scarlet branding, and warm golden tones of Cardhu whisky.

The heritage of Cardhu is distinct, as family values and hand crafted methods of production are at the heart of their story and evolution. This feeling is expressed by the traditional animation style, which is lovingly created through traditional 2D animation practices.

Cardhu is a Speyside distillery near Archiestown, Moray, Scotland, founded in 1824 by whisky smuggler John Cumming and his wife Helen. The word Cardhu derives from the Scots Gaelic Carn Dubh, meaning Black Rock. The distillery is now run by Diageo and the distillery’s Scotch whisky makes up an important part of the Johnnie Walker blended whisky range.

The founding women, Helen and Elizabeth Cumming, were treasured for their determination, skill, generosity, and loyalty to the community, forever defining Cardhu as a whisky with heart. This was the first distillery to partner with John Walker & Sons, and for 200 years, the elegant and smooth character of Cardhu has been at the centre of shared celebrations around the world.