Blue Planet: Drowning In Plastic

Raw TV

Early in the production of the multi-national documentary, we began discussing the details of a graphics package for the latest Blue Planet special, Drowning in Plastic, with Raw TV. 

The brief required us to approach the title and map graphics as part of the Blue Planet series, treating the graphics and especially the maps in a way that keeps the photorealism of the landmark series, but also draws the viewer’s attention to various key sites around the world where plastic meets the ocean.

We used real map height data and a mixture of lighting and textures to create a realistic globe, complete with a blue haze and sunny glow that can be seen as the planet rotates into the light.   

The documentary, which aired in the UK 1st October 2018 on BBC1, will hopefully follow in the footsteps of the series; shining a light on the issue of plastic use and waste and prompting governments  to make significant changes, and we are happy to be involved in such an exercise.